Cutting tools: Synthetic diamonds are used for heavy-duty cutting tools such as turning tools, milling cutters and drills. They are ideal for machining hard materials such as carbide, ceramics and hardened steel by providing high precision and efficiency and extending tool life.

Grinding and Polishing: Diamond abrasives are used for precise grinding and polishing of hard materials. Diamond grinding wheels and heads are ideal for carbide, ceramic, glass and metal alloys, improving surface quality and accuracy.

Wire drawing: Diamond drawing dies are used in the metal industry to draw wires from metals such as copper, aluminum and stainless steel. These drawing dies ensure consistent product quality and longevity.

Spark erosion (EDM): Diamond electrodes are used in spark erosion (EDM) to process materials that are difficult to machine. They offer high precision and efficiency when producing complex shapes and details.

Surface coating: Diamond coatings increase the hardness and wear resistance of tools and machine parts. They are used in cutting tools, drills, molds and other components that require high wear resistance.

Global usage:

Demand for synthetic diamonds is increasing worldwide, particularly in metalworking and manufacturing. China, the USA, Japan and Europe are leading producers and users. With advancing technology and new applications, the synthetic diamond market is constantly growing.

In summary, synthetic diamonds play an essential role in metal processing, improving the efficiency, precision and quality of products, and have a promising future in various industries.

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